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Recording January 24, 2023
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18:05 Methyl B12 Shots
22:32 Bullying
Hi. How can I help my middle schooler that gets relentlessly teased by classmates. The school knows and is trying their best and has a strict bullying policy. It’s mostly verbal, some throwing snow in his face and laughing. He is such a target! Sometimes he can handle it, but other times he gets so upset it leads to throwing chairs and desks. He walks away, tries comebacks, self talk to boost confidence, anything to reduce the size of his target, but it’s getting worse. What else can he try or can I help him with? Better coping skills?
32:29 Happy new year to my favorite duo. It’s Taren from Louisiana again (w/3.5 yr old) I’m wondering if all autistic individuals struggle with academics? My boy is still in a full time ABA program and will be for as long as I can keep him there, but wondering for the future. Is school harder for our kids? Thanks guys!
38:25 How do you know when your child needs monthly B12 Shots?
40:30 I am nervous as all be. i am planning on going to a Santa performers conference/convention i’m Gatlinburg in April. i am nervous because one this event happens every 2 years., and i will most likely be the only on the spectrum. i never went to an in person conference before. my mom and stepdad are worried since they cant come to the convention center with me. I didn’t register yet due to this. i need advice from Dr. Doreen and Shannon on this. this might help others on going to comic cons and similar things.
45:50 Dr. Doreen, my 10 yr old son was just reevaluated (as required by our insurance) and we were just given an added diagnosis of Dysgraphia, and ADD. My concern is with the Dysgraphia. The doctor said it is in his processing, mentally, and that hand writing and technical aids are just one piece. It is a cause of his comprehension issues. Everything I search talks about that only. We are waiting for the complete report. We had a face to face to review the results, and will have the written report next week. What do you recommend? Who are we supposed to see? Therapy, support?
52:51 Hi my 3 years old son starts to pee in the potty 100% whenever I bring him to the bathroom. However, he doesn’t say “I want to poop or I want to pee” (need to improve his communication skills). Should I need to wait until his communication is getting better? or is it okay to start to the potty training?
54:18 Potty Training Advice
I started to potty train a child at the age between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 till now the child is going to be 5 later on this year and it is off and on. ​I have done everything I can and it is being destory:(
57:24 Mixed Receptive Expressive Disorder
I was wondering if expressive language comes after receptive one. My son receptive language is exploding.
59:41 I think I found a doc I want to use via telehealth from Taca. No medmaps locally, and our local pediatrician hasn’t been helpful at all. Thanks
1:03:20 What time do you watch the show?
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