Home School – Anxiety – Hyperlexia

5:07 – Thanks for an awesome week last week with some great speakers! Pennsylvania is getting closer to opening up from COVID, but no school here. I’m worried about keep up with school and therapy. Any suggestions for transitioning back to “normal” life? Can my ABA do ESY?

9:36 – Are the Academies at CARD doing distance learning?

14:39 – Our son is infatuated with our dog, he lays or sits near the dos staring at it. The dog has anxiety issues. Dog videos to help with the dog interest like showing him other dog breads and he feeds the dogs two times a day and can give it treats. It’s just when he tries to touch him the dog startles. I wish they loved each other equally. My child is 4.

21:27 – Is home school the best thing?

23:37 – is CARD is Las Vegas?

29:00 – So last week I asked in regards to scripting and. You said to tell my supervisor the lesson is “introducing the topic” in cognition and she says she can’t find it

31:10 – I am from UK where ABA is not offered as part of National Health Service and intensive interaction is something which is very promoted. I want to know Dr. Doreen’s opinion about it

43:35 – Is ok to keep a child with Moderate autism, that has speech but is not conversational yet in a DI classroom where more than half of the students has other or higher needs?

50:47 – Hi mam my son is 2 years and 10 months old he is diagnosed with ASD, he knows a-z and numbers one through 20. He can sing nursery rhymes, so can you please tell me whether he will be able to speak in the future?

57:18 – I am 17 and autistic. I am planning on going to college next year. My parents treat me like I am a child who can’t do anything. How do I get them to see and accept me?

59:35 – My son has hyperlexia and dose 40 hr ABA at card and is rocking it even now with quarantine. We love CARD