Hour 13 – NonBinary Solutions

April 5, 2023  3am-4am  PT

NonBinary Solutions

I Hope This Podcast Gets You To Sleep: ASD and Sleep Issues Impacting Quality of Life

Sleep issues and QoL for families and individuals impacted by autism.  Amanda Ralston and guest(s) will discuss real-life examples and practical tips and knowledge for families.


Amanda Ralston

Amanda Ralston
Photos by Chet White

Amanda (“Mandy”) Ralston has been certified as a behavior analyst since 2002.  During her career she has founded two ABA clinics- the most recent of which was successfully acquired in 2019.  She continues to mad-happily create unique solutions by synthesizing her own history of reinforcement and punishment with evidence-based practices, Clinical and Business Intelligence, and Technology to further support clinicians, funders, businesses, and founders in changing the world for Quality of Life, Outcomes, neuro/diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Her most recent venture is NonBinary Solutions – a data analytics and technology firm making Clinical Decision Support Systems for constituents of ABA. Her behavior continues to be shaped by its impact on a world where autism exists, and the field of behavior analysis.

Amanda Ralston.
Photo by Chet White