Hour 29 Stories from the Spectrum with Dr. Kerry Magro

April 5, 2023   7pm – 8pm  PT

Stories from the Spectrum with Dr. Kerry Magro  

15 Things to Consider When It Comes to Autism  Part 2  

April is Autism Acceptance Month; a time to educate about the spectrum of autism. In this podcastathon you will hear from an autistic man who used to be nonspeaking and today is a professional speaker. He will shared with you the voices of 15 autistic self-advocates with messages that will educate you more on autism in our society. Dr. Kerry Magro will also discuss his work with his disability nonprofit, his work on 4 best-selling books, his work as an an autism entertainment consultant on projects such as Netflix’s Emmy Award-Winning series Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 1 and much more!

Dr. Kerry Magro (Mah-grow) Ed.D. is an award-winning autistic professional speaker, best-selling author and autism consultant to the HBO series Mrs. Fletcher that aired in Fall 2019 and the latest season of Netflix’s Emmy-Award Winning Series ‘Love on the Spectrum’ He started professional speaking 12 years ago via the National Speakers Association after he fell in love with theater as a child to help with his social and communication skills. Today he has spoken at over 1200 events during that time include 2 TEDxTalks and a ‘Talks at Google’ presentation. In addition, Kerry is CEO & President of KFM Making A Difference, a nonprofit organization that hosts inclusion events and has provided 100 scholarships for students with autism for college and counting since 2011. In his spare time, he hosts a Facebook Page called Kerry’s Autism Journey that now has 218,000 Facebook followers where he does on-camera interviews highlighting people impacted by a diagnosis to breaking down barriers in our community. His videos he’s produced have been watched over 35 Million times. 

Kerry’s best-selling books Defining Autism From The Heart, and Autism and Falling in Love, I Will Light It Up Blue and his latest, Autistics on Autism have reached Amazon Best-Seller Lists for Special Needs Parenting. He is based in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Have Kerry speak with your company on Neurodiversity in the workplace, or speak with your school by contacting him at www.kerrymagro.com/contact

Link to Autistics on Autism: Stories You Need to Hear About What Helped Them While Growing Up and Pursuing Their Dreams: https://amzn.to/3sLj9Ji

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