Hour 30 – Just Two Dads

April 5, 2023 8pm – 9pm PT

Just Two Dads

Financial Literacy for Special Needs Families

Dads Shawn Francis and Brian Altounian discuss the  launch of their Men’s Group for men who are caregivers or partners to those with special needs & why such a group or space is important. Additionally the dads discuss why financial literacy is important to special needs families & basic ingredients of a plan should consist of.

Just Two Dads




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Registration link for our men’s group which launches on 4/22/23= https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1u6_vPhQ8Qp7zhmqEbb3kelK1mUM3Zh48pIP0FayRCHw/edit

Shawn  Francis

Originally from St. Thomas United States, Virgin Islands, Shawn Francis is a dedicated husband, and a father to 7 children.. 2 of which (ages 28 and 31) are daughters from his wife’s previous marriage, 4 of which (two boys and two girls, ages 18-22) are his sister-in-law’s biological children whom he and his wife Laura became legal guardians to over a decade ago and completed the adoption process four years ago, and one of which is his 16-year-old biological son who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. He has nearly two decades and a half of experience serving and educating families about their finances. Shawn has served as a member of the Autism Parents Advisory Board at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and as a volunteer Ambassador with Autism Speaks. Just over 5 years ago, he decided to focus a portion of his business on serving other families with members who have special needs.  He is the co-creator & co-host of the weekly podcast, Just Two dads, which spotlights those who serve the special needs community and beyond as well as those who serve as an inspiration to all. He lives in Los Angeles, California.




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Brian Altounian

Brian Altounian has more than 34 years of experience in the entertainment and technology industries. He has served as a C-level executive for a number of companies and has had much success helping early-stage ventures raise capital and pursue exit strategies such as acquisitions and going-public initiatives.  In the entertainment industry, he has served as a Producer, Executive Producer, Co-Producer of a number of television and film projects, including COWBOYS & ALIENS, AUDREY, LOST IN WOONSOCKET, and “Random 1”.

His greatest pride & joy is being a father to three children including a 27-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with Apraxia, Microcephaly and Developmental Delays at the age of 18 months, but who, despite being told all of the “normal” life experiences she would miss out on, is now married, a step mother, and a middle-school teacher (just SOME of the things that her Dr. said she would never be able to do.) Brian’s second daughter is 23, graduated college with honors and is now living and working in the tech industry in Israel.  Brian also has 15-year-old son who is a sophomore in high school and who was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, further rooting Brian to the community of special needs and the medically complex.

After entering the financial services industry over 8 years ago educating and serving families about wealth maximization and financial independence.  Just over 7 years ago, he decided to focus a portion of his business on serving families with members who have special needs. As part of his service to this community, he is the co-creator and co-host of the weekly podcast “Just Two Dads.”  He serves on the Board of Yes I Can Unity Through Music & Education.




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