Hour 33 – The Driven Autism Dad

April 5, 11pm – Midnight  PT  

Kyle Jetsel…The Driven Autism Dad 

Each child is unique and each family is unique. Kyle will be sharing a flexible framework and recipe that any family can plug and start to lower stress and thrive in chaos.






Kyle Jetsel

Kyle Jetsel (the Driven Autism Dad) is the father of 6 kids. For years Kyle and his now deceased wife Shelly, struggled with raising 2 sons on the autism spectrum. It was like they were being asked to take a test they didn’t know about… for a class they never took… on a subject in which there was no guide. And if they failed the test… they failed their kids. When the experts and books and therapies failed to help with “in the home challenges,” Kyle became DRIVEN to lower stress in his family and learn how to thrive AS they raised their kids. Now, Kyle teaches a framework and recipe to other families so they can become what Kyle’s family has become. A top 1% happy family.



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