Insurance, Self-Stimulatory Behavior & Developmental Delays

00:06:58 – Good morning. We are trying to get an autism evaluation for a 10 year old child. Insurance is Care 1st. Any help you could provide would be appreciated

00:09:54 – I have a question for Dr. Doreen, 1st I would like to thank you for the tremendous wealth of knowledge that you have provided. My question is, I have a 9 year old autistic son who is highly verbal. He loves singing and music, he has perfect pitch and memorizes songs like crazy. The problem is, he does not know how to monitor when he should be singing or how loud he sings. He sings in class, during classroom lectures, when he is playing with his friends on the playground, in the Doctor’s office, etc. He is unable to know when it socially appropriate to sing. His friends sometimes think he is strange to be singing and when they get annoyed by it he does not read their social cues whatsoever. What’s a good way of helping him with this? Could singing be a form of self-stimulatory behavior?

00:20:35 – How do I access the skills lesson? I had skills but I ended up not able to afford it. I would like skills in my school, what should I do?

00:25:16 – Hi, I’m a BCBA and use the book “Evidence Based Treatment” CARD Model. I find this so beneficial, I especially love the appendixes’ in the back with the breakdown of goals. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge by writing this book. I would love to purchase skills as well for my clients but the cost is quite prohibitive being that I have 10 clients. Are there any promotions?

00:34:01 – Thank you for everything you do for all of us. I have a question, my son is 12, has Down Syndrome and ASD Level 2 verbal, bilingual. He has troubles with transition, he started middle school in August. He has not yet adjusted to the schedule at school, lunch is at different times, and classes change as well. What are your recommendations for us and for school?

00:44:32 – What are the major differences between developmental delays due to extreme prematurity vs. autism? My son has been diagnosed with different agencies, Regional Center, Insurance, Developmental Doctor, School district, and the diagnosis’ are not even similar.

00:50:29 – My child going to middle school is also my fear. I don’t see that he will be able to be successful there because of all the transitions. Elementary school seems barely doable in public school. What will happen if my child is unable to adapt to a public middle school, are their other options besides home-school?

00:52:46 – I’m confused about the levels of Autism, most people say my child is level 1 or level 2 but my child has 2 levels. Level 1 for social communication and level 2 for repetitive or restrictive behaviors. Why are there 2 levels?