Leeza Gibbons Cuts Moms Hair for Autism

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During a recent visit to visits Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy, TV Personality and New York Times Bestselling author, Leeza Gibbons offers to donate money to Autism Care and Treatment Today! a popular Autism charity in exchange for cutting off a lock of Autism Live Host Shannon Penrod?s hair. Watch as Leeza makes the offer, Shannon accepts the challenge and a pair of scissors is located and used. Autism Live is participating in Compassion in Action, a campaign to get everyone to do something nice for someone else while celebrating National Autism Awareness Month. On April 8th Shannon Penrod will be shaving her head on the live show as a way to support a young dad with brain cancer. Autism Live is asking everyone to decide how they will put Compassion in Action. Leeza took the challenge and decided to raise money for Autism on the spot!

To Donate to ACT Today! please visit their website: http://www.ACT-Today.org

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