Let’s Talk Autism With Shannon – Autism News + Special Guest Andrew Arboe & Autism Family Portrait

Our hosts Shannon and Nancy discuss autism news about early language loss, a judge ruling if a transplant is in the best interest of an autistic teen, if autism and intellect are connected and the CDC tweaking the developmental milestones. After that, Shannon and Nancy are joined with Andrew Arboe to discuss his journey and inspiration for starting Driving with Autism. Before the show ends, Shannon and Nancy interview Madelynne Dabbs for this week’s Autism Family Portrait segment!

Madelynne’s Survey


Driving with Autism



4:25 Autism News: Early Language Loss in Autistic Children Not Tied to Later Communication Problems

7:55 Autism News: Judge to Rule If Transplant Is In ‘Best Interests’ Of Autistic Teen, 17, Suffering With Kidney Disease After His Mother Called For Operation Despite Advice From Doctors

12:55 Autism News: Autism Intelligence: Is ASD Connected To Intellect?

14:52 Autism News: Concerns, Misinfo Swirl Online After CDC Tweaks Developmental Milestones

16:45 The Founder of Driving with Autism – Andrew Arboe

17:58 What is Driving with Autism?

19:55 What are the signs that someone is ready to work on driving?

23:28 About Andrew’s journey

28:00 Is Independence One of the Main Reasons Why You Advocate for People on the Spectrum to Be Driving?

29:30 What success stories can you share with us?

32:20 How can people sign up or get more information?

33:42 How Much Does The Class Cost?

34:43 Autism Family Portrait – Madelynne Dabbs

35:56 Tell us about your research project and how our viewers can help?

37:55 What do you hope will come out of your research?

39:50 What support do you wish you had had?

41:42 What do you wish people knew about being a sibling to someone on the spectrum?

45:00 What are your plans after you graduate Madelynne?

47:42 Tell us again where people need to go to participate in the survey.

51:30 Shannon and Nancy Talk TV & Movies

59:43 Coming Up on Autism Live