Meltdown Explained + Global Autism Project CEO & Founder – Molly Ola Pinney

In today’s episode of Autism Live, our host Shannon explains Meltdowns for the autism jargon of the day! After that, she is joined by Molly Ola Pinney, Global Autism Project CEO & Founder, to discuss Autism, Ukraine and How can we all help. Don’t miss this helpful information!…

6:25 Autism Jargon of the Day

8:08 Actual Definition – Meltdown

8:44 Working Definition – Meltdown

16:30 Question of the Day – When you feel overwhelmed, what tactics do you use to help yourself?

17:50 Topic of the Week – Autism Around the World

19:40 Global Autism Project CEO & Founder – Molly Ola Pinney

20:04 What conference are you at today?

20:40 About the Global Autism Project

22:48 What is the status in Ukraine?

27:00 What is the current plan, and how do we get involved?

33:22 Are you asking for donations of sensory toys and technology?

36:28 Are people fleeing from the Ukraine making it to Russian and the United States?

38:38 Is there a way to follow you and what’s happening?

40:05 How you can help

57:40 This week on Autism Live!

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