Meltdowns, ABA Therapy, Receptive Delay…

06:30 – I would love to know how to handle a child who gets into a meltdown because we refuse to give him chips or anything that is not good for him. We are tired of giving in to him just to keep the peace. He is verbal and turning 25 soon.

11:30 – hi Dr. Doreen my question is about diets, my mother is trying to force me to change my eating habits and I am not happy about that, yelling matches have occurred, etc. I know that it is good for my health but my liver is diseased and has problems. How can I as an autistic person handle it perfectly?

18:35 – I have a question for Dr. Doreen please? My son is 4.8 years old having 30 hours of ABA therapy for 9 months now. He is speaking small sentences but he gets random bouts of laughter which are very difficult to control. We are treating yeast as well. Should I ignore it or respond? Please help me , desperate Mom.

23:30 – How can adults who are diagnosed with autism as adults learn social skills? Also are there resources available for those who are diagnosed as an adults? In my research it seems like if you were diagnosed as an adult your diagnosis is less legitimate.

29:00 – Free IBT Parent E-Learning Course

33:27 – My son is finally starting ABA services again in home since COVID began. He is 12. Its 5 days a week 2 hours per day. He’s doing a focused program. He is starting vision therapy next week. VT wants to work on Fixation and Convergence. Do you know if there are any programs/goals I can ask his BCBA for to aide with those Vision Therapy goals?

39:40 – she was diagnosed last year at 6. I need help. Maybe a list of things to do to help her and help myself. I am at my wits end. When she has her meltdowns, she hits, screams, throws things. I don’t know what to do?

53:13 – Would you be willing to go talk to the Prime Minister of Canada?

54:50 – 4 year old with severe and receptive delay. Struggling to follow directions and putting objects in mouth how to help? Also bites on wrists. Thank You