Negative Self Talk, Anxiety, Trying New Foods, Potty Training & More

9:30 With events of catatonic My teenage x 2 in last 3 years Is this a medical problem or medication related?

11:35 Negative Self-Talk Good morning. My 13 year old son uses a lot of negative self talk…I’m terrible at this. I failed! I’m the worst one…etc. We’ve tried ignoring it because I think he does it for attention, but he still says negative statements about himself all the time. I actually think he likes to say them. What else can we do?

20:48 What is a good medication for anxiety I am Trying to get away from medications and trying THC w/ CBD, but I don’t want to prevent myself from getting a job either It’s unfortunate that social media isn’t helping. It’s better to have a face to face conversation

30:35 Trying New Foods My daughter is on the spectrum (she’s almost 7) and I can not get her to try new foods without a complete meltdown. She will scream, cry and throw the food. If I do get her to try something new, she’ll automatically gag and spit it out. She only eats crunchy textures (chips, dry cereal, crackers, pretzels) and other sugary junk foods. How can I get her to try new things? I’ve taken her to the doctors (more than once) and that did nothing..the doctor wanted her to try new foods with her there (the same thing I’ve tried) but charged almost $200 to do it each time so I canceled. Any advice would be appreciated.

39:22 The child follows what the mother puts before her..remove chips and any sugars, the child should be introduced to a different diet.

45:58 Potty Training (Prompting) Hi. My 8 year old son with Autism will only poop if I tell him to sit on the toilet. If I don’t, he will hold it and I will eventually have to give him something to help him go and it’s usually a disaster. How to get him to be independent? He goes to regular ed school and does well academically.

48:20 My child is 3. As we move towards the fall, she would move towards intensive ABA or have him go to school?

55:38 Is it worth it to try the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet? I have a 4 year old diagnosed with autism who has dark circles underneath his eyes, is it worth it to try the GFCF diet? Are we risking anything by trying it?