Neurodiversity Explained + Alex Lin – Founder of Autism Rocks

Our host Shannon Penrod explains the term Neurodiversity for the jargon of the day! After that, she is joined by the founder of Autism Rocks, Alex Lin to discuss the final Autism Rocks concert. Tune in! Recording Live 10am PT April 20, 2022 #AutismAwarenessMonth #Autism #Neurodiversity…

0:00 Intro 9:55 Autism Jargon of the Day – Neurodiversity

11:48 Neurodiversity – Actual Definition

13:22 Neurodiversity – Working Definition

16:04 Question of the Day – What 5 words do you use to describe yourself?

18:30 Topic of the week – This ability not Disability

21:00 Zpods

24:00 Founder of Autism Rocks – Alex Lin

24:57 When is the Autism Rocks Concert?

25:17 What do we need to know about the concert?

26:44 Performers: Adin Boyer, Sophie Pecora, Ethan, Will Breman

27:40 Where can people find more information?

28:49 What made you start that first event?

33:56 What is the job that you are looking for?

36:05 Where do you want to live?

37:18 Tell us about Taiwan

38:55 What are the 3 Things that I should do if I ever go to Taiwan?

42:55 What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

48:45 What time does the concert start and where will it be held?

52:20 What else do you want people to know?

57:26 This week on Autism Live

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