Nonverbal – ABA – Hitting

6:47 – How do I stop my nonverbal child hurting me?

28:27 – Hi Dr. Doreen, My son has been with CARD for 6 years now. As he is making progress, his social remains very low. It’s like he is a 5 year old but he is 9. I see his siblings, how their conversations are age appropriate, but his dialogues are so premature. What can I tell my supervisor to push? Also, if I need someone to chime in on our clinics, who do I contact? I like we have hit a wall for the last two years and my team is stuck. I don’t want to waste any more time. I am still trying to get on YOUR calendar. Also negative attention seeking. OMG what do we do? We ignore, but the world doesn’t.

37:57 – Do you use ABA to bring forth speech in a nonverbal child?

40:21 – My son hits me anytime he doesn’t like what I say.

41:18 – Do you have any suggestions for me? My friend’s daughter ADS, She is 11 and has grown up a great deal physically. So when she has a meltdown, and scratches me and my other daughter and pulls our hair. I suggested cutting her fingernails to remove the weapons and to speak calmly to her to find out why she is acting out in a way that hurts the two of us. Any other suggestions?

48:14 – Can ABA still help children with autism who have an underlying anxiety diagnosis?

50:32 – How can we teach our child that routine changes and the dangers of Coronavirus?

54:50 – How about split homes and the child isn’t wanting to go to the other parent please help.

56:26 – What are the best forms of assistive communication for a 3 year old nonverbal. We’re in Riverside County in Southern California.

57:37 – Where can I get funding for a device for my two nonverbal sons?

58:57 – My son is 31 and he has never been able to communicate.

59:44 – 7 year old autistic boy who can speak a sentence of 3 words in his native language which is Arabic. He knows nothing about English, would he be able to learn and communicate in English through ABA and what do you usually do with a similar case like him? He comes from a foreign country that has nothing to do with English.

1:01:03 – 2.5 year old son, likes to throw toys when he is mad. Likes to throw his brother. Pretty much anything in his way at the moment. Also likes to hit and bite, he whines incessantly and cries mommy even when mommy has him. How can I calm my son?