Pica, Aggressive Behavior, Diet and More

This time on Ask Dr. Doreen, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh talks about being on the Doctors, Pika, aggressive behavior, and more! Check it out!
1:08 Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh on the Doctors!
9:35 What you should know about Pika
22:38 My four year old (with ASD) is pushing his 3 year old brother.  Hard to the ground and worse he seems to like doing it.  I am horrified and frightened.  To add to the situation my mother in law saw him do this and is telling everyone in the family that it is because he has autism and no empathy.  Help!
33:04 My son is one of those hard core cases.  Everyday is a battle.  He is 22.  I feel like I have tried everything and that everyone has given up on us – on him and me.  My choices seem to be to drop him off at a facility that I don’t believe to be reputable or to simply take the chaos that is my life.  We don’t sleep. We live in fear of another out burst.  He communicates with an ipad but it is not unusual for him to break his ipad.  I have 4 in the shop being repaired right now.  I don’t believe anyone understands. 
45:35 Where can I get information about which diet I should try for my 4 year old who is NV and has diarrhea  every day of his life.
56:30 My 16 year old is mostly happy but when he is sad it is catastrophic, everything is horrible…it scares me.  Then he seems to snap out of it but as he ages it seems more extreme and to last longer.  Does the dr recommend meds Has Dr. Doreen heard of Great Thunberg?