Potty Training, Challenging Behaviors, Apraxia and more!

10:28 – Hi, We have been trying to potty train my son for couple for months now with help of ABA and now he can void when we take him but won’t tell us when he has to go. He would have accidents if we don’t take him. What will be your suggestion to get him to use toilet on his own or tell us when he needs to go so we can take him?

25:35 – Hello ladies, I’m the mother of the 10yr old who had the dentist traumatic experience. Even though he’s having better days and less self harming. He has become very obsessed with me, wanting to be with Me constantly, sometimes I’ll be in the kitchen and he’ll come breathing really hard and holds on from my arm, then I need to stop what I’m doing for safety reasons of course, if I’m riding in the Passenger side, while my husband drives he wants me to sit in the back with him, when I sit in the bank he starts holding on to me, sometimes I can finish my hose chores because he needs me with him What can I do to help him with anxiety, that doesn’t require for me to be with him at all times? We finally have an appointment with the psychiatrist next Wednesday the 24th. Thanks in advance.

30:05 – When my child earns the iPad he watches the same video or weird videos his latest is Super nanny and he just repeats he tries to script it and use it into context it’s weird when I told my supervisor they said have him wear headphones🤦🏻♀️🤦🏻♀️it’s his time. I pad is his highest reinforcer and if he is gonna watch something I don’t want him to learn challenging behaviors. He stems on these videos so bad. I don’t think that was the best advice. Please help. The video says shut up, etc and he is saying that to adults. Please help. 

35:57 – My 11 year old autistic son is obsessed with picking leaves, flowers, pulling full branches off of trees. How do we help end this behavior?

47:20 – Hello. Any tips on getting my shy, quiet, home schooled 7th grader to try new things? He has Autism and slow processing, but is on grade level. We are open to anything other than you tube videos. He says ‘no’ to pretty much anything and everything. No matter how short and effortless the activity is. He has no ideas of things he likes. We are desperate to expand his horizons! Thanks.

56:42 – How you can gain access to the following Free IBT Parent E-Learning Courses: “Overcoming Challenging Behaviors” and “Teaching Communication”

57:55 – Can the skills program help with apraxia of speech?