School Refusal, Mouthing, Aggressive Teenagers and More!

0:15 School Refusal Can you please talk about how to deal with school refusal – kids and teens who refuse to go to school, tantrum to get out of it, hide, etc.

10:58 Mouthing How can I stop mouthing for a 3 year old who knows not to mouth but sneaks mouthing when you are not looking. Mouths squishy toys and hard plastic objects BCBA recommended “chewlery” allowing child to Bite that then fading it but advised could take a long time to fade Said there is no other sensory outlet for mouthing than providing a chew toy, crunchy foods, and toothbrush. I have been blocking the behavior and verbal “no”

17:37 Aggressive Teenagers What’s the best way to deal with aggression in a teenager? My son’s automatic reaction is to hit out when things don’t go his way. He instantly regrets it, it’s just an automatic response to anything he feels is unfair. Consequences escalate his behavior. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

20:04 Developmental Delay Vs Autism Hi Dr. Doreen. I am living in the UAE and a mother of 2 year old identical twins. We first saw signs of autism at 13 months old. Given we don’t have any financial support through insurance – we did a lot of therapy ourselves and later hired a RBT. They are currently doing ABA 5 hours per week each. They have progressed really well. Can mand, tact, answer simple questions. Really good with academics – numbers alphabets – reading 3 letter words. They are still behind in social and play skills. Seeing their great progress and their ability to learn so quickly- I sometimes wonder if they are just developmentally delayed or is this autism? What is the possibility that they are just delayed.

28:40 How can I support family with caring for my son after my surgery in August. I will not be able to care for him for 2 weeks.

34:30 Potty Training Regression 5 year old regression in potty training. Do I have to start all over? He’s fighting hard to not go to the potty and going # 1 in his pants after being fully potty trained. When I say fighting hard I’m talking major protesting tantrums to not go to the potty, and then going in his pants

44:45 could it be it’s difficulty to detoxifying because they have lack of good bacteria in the bowel? They should start to do tests on autistic individually because of the wide spectrum and high level of iron would you suggest a specific diet? I tried ti do a detoxifying diet but she was not eating at all.

51:09 (Response to the Potty Training Question) Potty trained for a year, going by himself. Ever since school got out He’s been doing this ever since school got out for summer I think he wants both to control over his environment and he doesn’t want to stop what he’s doing