Scripting, ABA Therapy Vs Other Treatments & More!

5:47 How to improve teeth grinding in sleep?

7:02 He gets to see a therapist once every 3 weeks. Part of the reason why is because the people that are seeing him don’t have enough staff. Only the more “Important” cases get the most frequent therapy. He is hitting people and throwing things, wouldn’t that be considered more “important?” What would you recommend?

16:55 How to Reduce Scripting? Dr. Doreen – My twin boys have improved so much over the past 6 months thanks to in home ABA. They are talking so much more and are getting their VB Mapp assessment this week. Excited and nervous! Wanted to know how to reduce scripting? At the moment I model a lot. I would ask them a question and answer for them. And they would learn. E.g. I would say, ”what did you have for breakfast?” And answer for them saying, “I had scrambled eggs. Is this the right way?

21:31 My son regressed at 3 he was completely verbal now 6 he is nonverbal and dealing with stimming, constant moving not able to sit for 1 min I can I improve his behavior. Currently we are doing speech. We have been in biomed for an entire year no result and also last year for the entire year we did ABA.

27:28 Tell me more about ABA Therapy vs other treatment/help. I disagree about meds always being needed for those who have both ADHD and autism because I have ADHD and am autistic. I am a college student who trained myself to study 8+ hours/day without meds.

38:32 Why can’t one just teach us the logic from your perspective of why to integrate properly? If explained logically, it could help, I imagine. That way less reward technique needs to be done to teach us?

45:14 I am asking a question I never wanted to ask, I am friends with a guy with moderate to severe autism, he turned 27 in January. it is 3 questions in one so bear with me. this guy is 27 and is semi-banned from the pool where he lives. ill tell you the reason. one is flirting with underage lifeguards. he does not know boundaries at all and I’m afraid something will happen like an arrest or an angry dad or other relative beating him up for it, the second reason is that his special interest is lifeguards and lifeguarding. his diagnosis means that he cant pass the tests to apply, at the pool that he is semi banned from he wears lifeguard trunks, lifeguard shirts, and other lifeguard related stuff and it confused the people at the pool. he lives in an assisted living apartment and the caregivers don’t watch out over him and that is the worst problem of all. what am I as a friend supposed to do, should I scare him straight, should I take him on a trip to the local jail, I’ve known this guy for a long time and I am, very concerned please help me.

51:10 My daughter was diagnosed with autism she also has bipolar ADHD ODD and reactive attachment disorder She’s 13 years old and I’m having a hard time finding a ba for her. I started her on brain mapping and found out she had a concussion at some time do you think this will help her with her behavioral problems. Arizona She was born with opiates in her system she is my adopted daughter I’m 77 years old She had for falls on her head when she was two and the last one was two years ago

59:02 Is drinking Coke Zero at work okay?