Scripting, Potty Training, Methyl B12 Injections and More!

3:48 Hi, my daughter has recently become more verbal but uses a carrier script every time she speaks a verbal utterance. She begins each begins each utterance with “polar bear” (example: bear bye mom” “polar bear candy please”). Any ideas of how to eliminate the carrier script?

7:55 Hi, many times sent my question no answers why I live in Norway original Ethiopia I have autistic boy 5 years and 6 months and my question is when I deliver him to schools, he bites me, his his reactions is not good at all what can I do.

12:29 Is there any hope for my 3.5 years old son to talk again? He used to talk and now since June he made up a language.

20:17 hello and thanks… i am from India…i have been using skills and on your advise have increased aba from 7.5hr/week to 20 hours/week.. i can see the difference..have 2 questions 1. whenever he is looking at something visual like screens, posters showing words like put on your mask, animal stickers, moving trees, moving paper..his interaction/referencing drops.. 2. When I ask him what he did in school, aba, play etc… he can tell few things.. but not in like full paragraph… I have to ask direct questions after he tells me 2-3 things

32:46 tell what’s happening inside his body. can’t recognize his body signals. Goes toilet at the last moment. his facial expression is always neutral even when he is sick. He is 9 yrs old .quite verbal. 37:44 Hey, my son, 16 years old, ASD, ADHD, SLD, has been going threw a stage of having meltdowns at the weekend. When we chatted about why he’s so upset at the weekend, and has a meltdown, and he said that’s what he does at the weekend. Have you any suggestions on how we can break this cycle? Thank you x

49:00 I will follow whatever you say Shannon, you have what I want! Finding Dr. Doreen and you on YouTube when my son was first diagnosed was the answer to my prayers! I am so appreciative of this content. Can methyl b12 injections be helpful for kids with ASD?

58:06 with the California COVID vaccine being enacted, is there any concerns for these kids?