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6:28 I’m 25 and have been fired from about 85% of my jobs or aren’t rehireable. I’ve made money every year since 16, but through a lot of jobs. Sometimes only weeks or months at a time. I became an EMT at 23. I’ve gone through a few jobs since then. I also have PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, sleep issues. Likely Marfans or EDS as well. Waiting on test results. Before I got fired from my last job, I told them about my issues and how it affected my performance and how my boss had really made it difficult for me to succeed. . I even said I thought I had autism. HR lady said “My son has autism”. I don’t know what she meant by that. I often times miss social cues. I say what I think is acceptable, only to later hear that people don’t like me because of it. I ask questions for clarity, and then people hate that. I have a higher-than-average IQ, but I can’t seem to really do much with it. If I went to try and get disability, do I need a long history of the diagnosis? I’ve been in therapy for other stuff for years intermittently. I got diagnosed with autism the day after I got fired. Which was not even a month ago. I’m so mentally exhausted. I don’t see how I can keep a job. I only haven’t been fired from 3 jobs. 1 was when I was 16 and it was Wendy’s and I didn’t have it long before we moved. The second was a call center. The third was an EMT job that won’t rehire me. Pretty much all my life people disliking me is a huge misunderstanding. They think I am condescending or rude. I try to help and they think I’m lording over and trying to be the boss. Etc. I’m about ready to throw in the towel. Can anyone tell me how hard it is to get the disability and how much they give you? Can you work even if you get the money if you find some place willing to work with you? What if I get the money but have my own business on the side? I want to sell crafts I make with my circuit, what I paint or make. TIA

14:02 Hi , I have a question how parents can learn or benefit through skills program is there a subscription and how can we avail it please let me know

14:51 I have a child on spectrum who once told she does the opposite or do not want to learn the things they are supposed to be done

23:45 Hi Shannon just a update: my 5 yr old nonverbal grandson has been excelling with Aba we found an Autism Academy here in Florida that has ABA on site he gets 35 hours a week he’s working w/ Pec cards and pairing along with transitioning into the classroom to school it for anyone in Florida is livingstone’s autism Academy he has a person assign to him all day. they also come to the home for parent training thank you guys so much for the content here on YouTube and sharing where and how we can get help

24:37 Thoughts on special needs boarding schools vs daily schools?

27:35 What are your thoughts about brain integration therapy, interactive metronome outcomes to improve focus and attention? Thanks!

37:37 What do you know about studies for pre-K in public schools for kids with autism? I chose to remove my 4 year old because after a month of Pre k he became extremely aggressive. I’m now trying to get him into an aba center since we lost his aba. Aba school vs public school…..thoughts?????

46:47 Thank you for the brief answer, please say something about apraxia how ABA can help with that and who or which specialty of doctor can rule out it is motor planing and processing my son is struggling.

52:10 Following Dr. Doreen in tiktok ❤️. Have you noticed in tiktok theirs so many anti Aba?

55:53 Dr. Granpeesheh, how do you describe autism?