Speech, ABA, Obsessions and More

4:26 Help with Decision Making My friend and I both have autistic sons. Both have problems when faced with making a decision or a choice. They cannot select any of the options. Do you know what could cause this & how to resolve it?
12:02 Am I crazy to think they should be working on by both speech and ABA? Hi Shannon, I’m so excited I get to watch Dr. Doreen live today! I have a question. My baby boy is 8 ½ yrs old now. Has been doing ABA since 5yrs old. Was diagnosed at the age of 3.5 and I learned ABA techniques from I behavioral training while we waited for ABA by a BCBA. His preschool was supported by early childhood development. He only received 20 hrs a week. His additional speech and OT are also trying to reduce hours. We are users of skills for living, and have been using that to continue to move the goal post and establish more goals that seem to be overlooked. Am I crazy to think they should be working on by both speech and ABA? Am I just being a control freak, or are those categories in Skills supposed to all be completed? If so by what age. I’ll add a photo. Thanks for all that you do and always sending love and support!
20:40 How can I help my 11yr old son about death, he mentions a lot that he wants all his family and himself to be alive for ever, that he doesn’t want the world to explode. That he wants the world to be ok. This has been going on for years. He says he wants to stay a small boy; I once try to explain to him about death and it was not good, he was very upset. Since then, I don’t know how to address the death situation, but he asks me every few days if the world and he’s family are going to be alive, please help.
26:33 How do I make friends as an autistic adult in college? I (18F) am autistic and have recently started college. I have moved to a different state, effectively leaving all of my “safe things”. My parents are busy people and cannot afford to be on video chat for hours at a time. TL;DR: Since starting college, I have made no friends, have experienced meltdowns on weekends due to lack of structure, and consistently struggle to complete tasks independently. Questions: How do I make friends as an autistic person in college? Do I even need to make friends to have a successful college career? How can I implement structure into my weekends? How do I become more independent when managing my schedule and tasks? What are some suggestions that would help my further my success in college as an autistic person?
36:07 Hey everyone! So, this will be a bit longer, but I still hope to fit everything in as shortly as possible. I was made aware I may have ADHD and Autism around 2 years ago by my now ex-girlfriend. ADHD didn’t seem too farfetched, since my brother has a diagnosis 8-9 years ago. With Autism I rejected the idea, well because of ableism. I am 27 and live in Germany. It’s quite complicated to get a diagnosis as an adult here and also have the insurance pay for it. I am questioning so much at the moment and would really like to hear your stories. If you had similar situations. A small part in me is thinking maybe you hoped too much, maybe I developed too much attachment to this diagnosis and I really don’t have it. Any advice is welcome!
42:17 Hello. I am 24 with autism. I also have a neurodegenerative condition that causes me near-constant migraines and also seizures sometimes. Do y’all ever feel like this mask you’ve made to maintain function is actually detrimental? Do you ever want to just have a full-blown autistic meltdown, panic attack level, rocking back and forth, expressing thoughts of suicide just to get those inner thoughts and feelings your mask usually filters away, out there? Sometimes I feel like that would be the only way to express truly what’s going on inside of me, and how severely I need help. Asking both for advice and solidarity.
49:26 I told her that I’ve suspected for a long time that I have autism, but I’m 33 years old and have never been diagnosed. When I was a child, I was diagnosed with ADHD, however. She asked me why I thought I had autism, and I expressed a number of my issues: Hyperfixations/Obsessions, difficulty reading body language and tone of voice, hard time making friends and difficulty flourishing in social settings, being too blunt, taking things literally or being unable to read the underlying context of someone’s words or actions, sensory processing issues, overstimulation, and burnout etc. She immediately told me that there was absolutely no world in which I would get a diagnosis at 33 years old, and that she didn’t personally think that I’m on the spectrum because I’m ‘very verbal’ and able to express myself.
54:50 Help dealing with food texture sensitivity