Stories from the Spectrum Episode 2

Stories from the Spectrum Episode 2 showcases four videos featuring neurodiverse voices and points of view. What all of these videos have in common is the unique viewpoint of individuals on the spectrum and their quest to be successful, happy people who are treated with dignity and respected for their contributions.

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0:33 Stories from the Spectrum by Dr. Kerry Magro Dr. Kerry Margo ED.D, CAS kicks things off with a fun interview with author, entrepreneur, and YouTube star Olivia Hops. Hops, known for her edible cookie dough recipes and her upbeat, plainspoken views on the being female on the spectrum, tells us what things we shouldn’t say to people on the spectrum and why – as well as sharing her favorite autism resources.

9:54 Asperger’s – Spencer Griffin Spencer Griffin joins collaborators from Spectrum Laboratory for his soul full original song: ASPERGER’S.

14:37 Dani-Mation Pt. 2 Dani Bowman, of Love on the Spectrum US fame, delivers part 2 of a series that details how she came to be an award-winning filmmaker, animator, educator, and entrepreneur as a teenager, despite doctors declaring she wouldn’t be able to succeed.

23:48 Ian’s Story of Happiness – Ian Wegher-Thompson Lastly, Ian Wegher-Thompson shows us his take on happiness, in a cute video that was originally created for an assignment in a Spec Labs storytelling class during lockdown.

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