Stories from the Spectrum Marathon

Perspective is everything. When we can see things through another person’s eyes we can begin to understand and appreciate their unique point of view. The Autism Community has a new way of sharing its many perspectives.

Stories from the Spectrum: Content by and for a Neurodiverse World, features artists, animators, filmmakers, writers, journalists, poets, and bloggers who are neurodiverse and telling their stories, how they want to tell them. The first episode will feature 6 short films on a wide variety of topics. WyArt is a short documentary by James Miller, a neurodiverse filmmaker, and focuses on the art of Wyatt Jackson, a brilliantly talented artist on the spectrum. Stephen Gaiber, The Autistic Traveler, presents his review of The Grammy’s Museum. Award winning animator Dane Parsons shares his uplifting film, Mace: The Animated Short. Inspirational Artist and Animator Dani Bowman shares her up close view of being a businesswoman and artist in Marvels of Media. In My Name is Jordan, Jordan Oswald shows off his storytelling skills in a short video that was created for a 2-week project during the pandemic. The final video is a feel-good music video, circa 2018, from artists at Spectrum Laboratory entitled, Cheers!

0:00 Intro
0:26 WyArt – James Miller
6:22 The Autistic Traveler – Stephen Gaiber
11:12 Mace – Dane Parsons
15:07 Marvels of Media – Dani Bowman
20:41 My Name is Jordan – Jordan Oswald
22:35 Cheers – Spectrum Labs

Stories from the Spectrum Episode 2 showcases four videos featuring neurodiverse voices and points of view. What all of these videos have in common is the unique viewpoint of individuals on the spectrum and their quest to be successful, happy people who are treated with dignity and respected for their contributions.

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Stories from the Spectrum by Dr. Kerry Magro
Dr. Kerry Margo ED.D, CAS kicks things off with a fun interview with author, entrepreneur, and YouTube star Olivia Hops. Hops, known for her edible cookie dough recipes and her upbeat, plainspoken views on the being female on the spectrum, tells us what things we shouldn’t say to people on the spectrum and why – as well as sharing her favorite autism resources.

Asperger’s – Spencer Griffin
Spencer Griffin joins collaborators from Spectrum Laboratory for his soul full original song: ASPERGER’S.

Dani-Mation Pt. 2
Dani Bowman, of Love on the Spectrum US fame, delivers part 2 of a series that details how she came to be an award-winning filmmaker, animator, educator, and entrepreneur as a teenager, despite doctors declaring she wouldn’t be able to succeed.

Ian’s Story of Happiness – Ian Wegher-Thompson
Lastly, Ian Wegher-Thompson shows us his take on happiness, in a cute video that was originally created for an assignment in a Spec Labs storytelling class during lockdown.

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Harte to Heart with Spencer Harte Ep.1
Spencer Harte debuts her first episode of Harte to Heart, a show where our friend Spencer Harte interviews celebrities!

Car Show and Tell – Christopher Tenney Ep. 1
Secondly we have Car Show and Tell with Christopher Tenney! Christopher is going to be our guide and tell us all about some awesome cars!

Stories from the Spectrum Pt. 2 – Dr. Kerry Magro
Next is Dr. Kerry Magro with Stories from the Spectrum! Watch as Dr. Kerry Magro himself interview guests and discuss some pretty insightful information! You won’t want to miss it!

Stephen Gaiber: The Autistic Traveler Ep. 2
Last but not least, Stephen Gaiber tours the historical district of the City of Orange for his latest episode of the Autistic Traveler!

Stories from the Spectrum Playlist:

Stories from the Spectrum Ep. 1

Stories from the Spectrum Ep. 2

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