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Perspective is everything. When we can see things through another person’s eyes we can begin to understand and appreciate their unique point of view. The Autism Community has a new way of sharing its many perspectives. The Autism Network will debut its newest podcast, Stories from the Spectrum on Friday April 29th a 1pm ET, 10am PT. This new series features the voices, talents and vision of artists who identify as being either on the Autism Spectrum or as being Neurodiverse. This first episode will premiere on the Autism Network and all its social media channels and then be available as a podcast on all podcast platforms.

Stories from the Spectrum: Content by and for a Neurodiverse World, features artists, animators, filmmakers, writers, journalists, poets, and bloggers who are neurodiverse and telling their stories, how they want to tell them. The first episode will feature 6 short films on a wide variety of topics. WyArt is a short documentary by James Miller, a neurodiverse filmmaker, and focuses on the art of Wyatt Jackson, a brilliantly talented artist on the spectrum. Stephen Gaiber, The Autistic Traveler, presents his review of The Grammy’s Museum. Award winning animator Dane Parsons shares his uplifting film, Mace: The Animated Short. Inspirational Artist and Animator Dani Bowman shares her up close view of being a businesswoman and artist in Marvels of Media. In My Name is Jordan, Jordan Oswald shows off his storytelling skills in a short video that was created for a 2-week project during the pandemic. The final video is a feel-good music video, circa 2018, from artists at Spectrum Laboratory entitled, Cheers!

0:00 Intro
0:26 WyArt – James Miller
6:22 The Autistic Traveler – Stephen Gaiber
11:12 Mace – Dane Parsons
15:07 Marvels of Media – Dani Bowman
20:41 My Name is Jordan – Jordan Oswald
22:35 Cheers – Spectrum Labs

#AutismAwarenessMonth #ActuallyAutistic #AutisticCreators
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