Strategies for Parents When the World Discriminates Against Our Kids | Autism Parent to Parent

Join Shannon Penrod, host of Autism Parent to Parent, as she delves deep into the challenges parents face when the world discriminates against our children with autism. From choosing your battles wisely to prioritizing your child’s self-esteem, Shannon shares 10 invaluable strategies to empower parents in these trying situations. Additionally, gain insights from a thought-provoking article on the US military recruitment crisis and its potential implications for the autism community. Equip yourself with knowledge, understanding, and practical tips to stand strong for your child. Remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell for more episodes. #AutismParenting #StandAgainstDiscrimination #EmpowermentStrategies
Live August 14, 2023


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𝗖𝗡𝗲𝗰𝗸 π—Όπ˜π—΅π—²π—Ώ π—”π˜‚π˜π—Άπ˜€π—Ί π—Ÿπ—Άπ˜ƒπ—² π˜ƒπ—Άπ—±π—²π—Όπ˜€
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Autism Live is an interactive web-show providing support, resources, information, facts, entertainment and inspiration to parents, teachers and practitioners working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Viewers are encouraged to participate by asking questions of experts, offering suggestions for topics to be discussed and sharing progress their children have made on the Autism Spectrum.

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