Symbolic Play Explained & More

6:45 Jargon of the Day – Symbolic Play

8:44 Actual Definition – Symbolic Play

9:40 Working Definition – Symbolic Play

20:05 Question of the Day – What is your favorite toy right now?

22:45 Topic of the Day – Festival of Toys

25:00 Doing an FBA

30:49 Why kids might switch

36:50 Trying to find a support person to do play therapy is hard. we always seem to end up with grandma ladies that have health issues and couldn’t run if he got away. staffing shortage everywhere is hard.

45:50 What do you do when you are bored?

53:00 When he is doing school, I make him use his words to tell me answers then I let him answer on computer. he is in 2nd reading and first grade math.

56:50 A Talk about PDA (Public Display of Affection)

1:02:02 Pathological Demand Avoidance