Systematic Desensitization, Changing Oppositional Behavior, Ritualistic Behaviors & More!

Today on Ask Dr. Doreen, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh answers viewer questions about systematically desensitizing a child to ants and flies, oppositional behavior to change, ritualistic behaviors, looking at objects from the corner of the eye and more! On Let’s Talk Autism Autism Moms Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson and Shannon Penrod talk about the FDA’s new warning about Autism Treatments that are not scientifically shown to be effective and a new study showing the risks to siblings for developing ASD. Director Samantha Buck talks about her new documentary film, The Best Kept Secret, which follows a New Jersey teacher struggling as her class of special needs students prepares to graduate and go into the real world. Janet Mino is the teacher who now is attempting to start her own school. The film is preparing to have its premiere in New York City for more information visit