Systematic Desensitization, Seizure Activity, Yeast Issues & More

4:30 Shannon gets a surprise gift from CARD!

10:38 My Son Keeps Going Into the Bathroom and Undressing Before Urinating on His Clothes

16:40 Take away reinforcer of removing laundry is what we are trying now. I sent special bags to put wet clothes in to bring home. Fingers crossed.

24:42 is it good idea to collect data for my son’s doc his endocrinologist referral is not till march ugh

30:48 A Discussion about Systematic Desensitization

33:37 Hello Shannon and Dr. Doreen, thank you for all the help to many families! my concern is – – – Can a 30min EEG with 10min of wake time and 20 min of nap time diagnose seizures? my son is 4yr old non verbal and did not like the EEG cap on his head but we could manage because he had a nap, not sure how he can take the 48hr ambulatory EEG and how we can stop him from pulling

39:17 his neurologist only recommended for a 30 min for now and said will decide on to extending to 48hr after seeing the reports for 30mins… scheduled to discuss in December

39:48 Seizure activity and diet

42:00 Yeast Issues

46:00 Do you recommend any tests for yeast overload?

51:22 We are in the process of adjusting medications to help with focus. Zoloft was awful and I’m hearing negative reviews on SSRIs in general. Any suggestions? I believe the next step is prozac but that is an SSRI as well.

55:33 A Discussion about a Study about Pesticides

58:28 My son is ADHD and takes meds for it but I also feel he may have anxiety. Is that possible to treat, also?