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Hour 14 – Autism Live

April 5, 2023  4am-5am PT   The Crystal Ball of Autism   Shannon Penrod gives her “Crystal Ball of Autism” talk live for the first time on air.  This is the story of how she navigated her son’s diagnosis and found the therapy that would help him regain his language skills. Shannon Penrod identifies as a proud […]

Hour 15 – Autism Live

April 5, 2021  5am PT  Top Ten Tips for Parents of Young Children on the Spectrum Autism Live Host, Shannon Penrod, gives her Top Ten Tips for Parents of Young Children on the Spectrum. Shannon Penrod identifies as a proud PONI (Parent of a Neurodiverse Individual).  Her son Jem was diagnosed  with Autism at the […]

Hour 16 – Turn Autism Around with Dr. Mary Barbera

April 5, 2023  6am-7am PT Turn Autism Around with Dr. Mary Barbera  Increase Talking, Decrease Tantrums, & Improve Self-Care Skills:  3 Action Steps for Parents and Professionals to Take Today! During this hour, autism expert Dr. Mary Barbara shares her child-friendly, easy-to-implement strategies to increase language while decreasing problem behaviors and improving eating, sleeping, potty […]

Hour 23 – Dr. Doreen Interviews Heroes I

April 5, 2023   1pm – 2pm PT Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh interviews some of her favorite people including Vince Redmond, LMFT; Dr. Catherine Heard, and Jay Ocana. Watch Ask Dr. Doreen Live on Tuesdays at 1pm ET, 10am PT on the Autism Network, YouTube, Twitter or FaceBook.  Ask Dr. Doreen questions on TikTok. Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh […]

Hour 31 – DaniMation with Dani Bowman

April 5, 2023  9pm – 10pm PT A Conversation with Dani Bowman Dani Bowman, as featured on the Netflix series “Love on the Spectrum US” Animation classes adapted to neurodiverse students Founder, CEO, and Artist Dani Bowman shares how and why she founded DaniMation as well as the mission of DaniMation to help people with […]