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Hour 31 – DaniMation with Dani Bowman

April 5, 2023  9pm – 10pm PT A Conversation with Dani Bowman Dani Bowman, as featured on the Netflix series “Love on the Spectrum US” Animation classes adapted to neurodiverse students Founder, CEO, and Artist Dani Bowman shares how and why she founded DaniMation as well as the mission of DaniMation to help people with […]

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Dani Bowman from Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum!

Our hosts Shannon and Nancy are joined yet again by none other than the one and only Dani Bowman! Who has just starred in Netflx’s US version of Love on the Spectrum! Tune in and see what Dani has to say about her experience and what the situation was like from her aunt’s perspective! Don’t miss it!

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Let’s Talk Autism – Author – Jennifer Gilpin Yacio & Animator – Dani Bowman

Our hosts Shannon Penrod and Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson, discuss autism news about Somali terminology, science about fevers and more! After news, our hosts are joined by Jennifer Gilpin Yacio, the president of Future Horizons and its subsidiary, Sensory World. After that, our hosts connect with Dani Bowman, an extremely talented, award-winning animator, animation educator and autism […]

HIPAA Explained + Dani Bowman – Founder of DaniMation Entertainment

Our host Shannon Penrod explains the term HIPAA for the jargon of the day! After that, she is joined by the founder of DaniMation Entertainment, Dani Bowman to discuss Stories from the Spectrum, Driving, Bullying and More. Tune in! Recording Live 10am PT April 25, 2022 #AutismAwarenessMonth #Autism #HIPAA www.danimationentertainment.com www.danibowman.com www.journeysbydanibowman.weebly.com Facebook: DaniMation Entertainment […]