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Let’s Talk Autism – Special Spirit Ranch Executive Director Eva Lund and Author Dr. Wendela Marsh

Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon & Nancy returns again this week with more autism news and guests! This week, Shannon and Nancy cover stories in the news about autism in the womb, studies using terms like “tainted kids” and companies that are seeking workers on the autism spectrum. After that, our hosts are joined by […]

Let’s Talk Autism Autism News + Special Guest Eva Lund from Special Spirit Inc. November 5, 2021

This time on Let’s Talk Autism, Shannon and Nancy Discuss autism news about autism assessments, genetic heart defects, gut microbiomes and more! After that, Shannon and Nancy talk to Eva Lund from Special Spirit Inc! Don’t miss it!  6:11 Autism News – Despite flurry of findings, doubts dog gut microbes’ role in autism https://www.spectrumnews.org/news/des… 10:40 […]