Telehealth – Behavior Technicians – ABA

7:00 – We have heard that some CARD offices will be reopening in June. How soon will we know if our center is reopening? Can we choose to do some sessions in the center and some with telehealth?

10:30 – Are behavior technicians allowed in schools to support children? I feel like my son needs one with him there. The teachers there have no knowledge of ABA.

15:10 – Im the parent of two young adults (17 & 19). I’d like to know more about your organization, services and locations. I live in Daly City, Ca

22:21 – Noida ,India My Kid 6 years Old Has Issues With Manding and Intraverbal Questions ..Had been on therapy for past 3 Years with a BCBA specialist ..The BCBA works through a Therapist who makes lot of Errors and Do Not correct My Kid . My BCBA is Not Ready to Change that Therepist at any Cost …As Kid is High Functioning she is verbal but scripts a Lot and Recently Her WISC 5 Score and WIAT Score is Really Poor .Her ABLLS is Filled but when asked Qtns From there the kid is unable to answer …..Please tell me when are You Opening Center in India. 33:50 – We haven’t hear anything about reopening only in pta meeting with you.

36:56 – What do you do if the staff at a group home has no knowledge of Autism?

38:07 – My son only says one word. How long does it take for him to speak more. Also he can read at 3 years old but only says one word.

40:50 – We have been doing telehealth with CARD and I want your viewers to know it has been a blessing for us. My husband and I have learned so much. I almost wish parents would be forced to do this at the beginning of therapy. We feel like we are better prepared and have a better relationship with our son. My question, if I want to learn more, what would I do. What degree would I need if I wanted to do this with other children. Thank you. This has changed our lives.

43:32 – What is whisk and whale?

44:00 – What’s the closest center to Poughkeepsie

49:30 – My child is in the same boat. Hi functioning, but is struggling with the WH questions and recall

52:45 – I have a question about telehealth. We have not tried it because I don’t want to pay a copay for something that may not work. Do you think it will work with my 5 year old? He is very busy, I just don’t know how we would get him to sit still.