Telehealth – Conversational Speech – Intraverbals

6:55 – We have heard that some CARD offices will be reopening in June. How soon will we know if our center is reopening? Can we choose to do some sessions in the center and some with telehealth?

14:25 – How do you know if you have autism? Some days I feel like I don’t have it. I have had a diagnosis. But my social worker said that I could have tourette’s.

16:20 – Good Morning, How can I help my 6 year old son to get more conversational speech? He requests and answers yes or no but does not engage in conversation. He is functionally verbal.

24:04 – Have you seen a kid progress really well, and then regress and then progress? Or once they regress is that it? Bad schooling and bad programming. I am in mediation now, what is your advice on how much information I should give the school?

27:10 – My 18 year old son is very obsessive with certain subjects, right now it’s girlfriends and his hormones aren’t help. His hormones are crazy! He asks any female from age 5-55 to be his girlfriend and in turn this is causing quite a problem with other parents in our area, any suggestions?

31:19 – I have a question regarding my nonverbal autistic daughter. She’s 7 yrs old and I recently had a baby and she can’t stand the baby sounds my newborn makes. She been screaming, banging her head and literally crying tears. We have to separate them at all times. We tried slowly introducing the baby which she doesn’t mind him when he’s quiet but as soon as he start cooing she gets upset. What can I do?

36:42 – intraverbals…my son is STILL working on this. He is so fluent when he is doing echolalia but when he’s putting his own words together it takes a bit longer.

39:56 – how many types of autism are there…?

48:28 – I’m having a hard time working through skills. I am not a card family member. Can you connect me with someone?

53:30 – Is NET better than table work doing ABA my son seems to learn more through NET