Telehealth – Laughter – Manding

4:45 – Hi, my son is 15 years with autism, is verbal and has a learning disability. He is very sensitive to how people speak to him and at times thinks he is being told off when he actually isn’t. Even if someone accidentally knocks against him or he knocks against them, his immediate response is to hit out. Have you any suggestions to how I can help him to stop reacting like this? Thank you

12:45 – We have just started therapy and we are doing a combination of Telehealth and in home therapy. What’s the difference between this and in the center?

25:24 – We have a new BT and are learning faster. My son is thriving. We lost 3 BT’s the last couple of weeks. It’s hard but I am excited about sharing my son with a new BT. Thank you very much to CARD.

29:58 – IBT for special needs bus drivers would be awesome.

30:36 – It would be great to have a Spanish version of IBT for my old fashioned mother-in-law who doesn’t understand behavior or ABA.

31:07 – I became an RBT for my son. I worked for almost three years with children, I had nerve damage and had to change my job. My certification expires next month. So now it feels like all those days are wasted and behind me.

33:31 – I’m okay with my son having a new BT I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE our BCBA and would not be able to handle it if she left, she is amazing.

35:20 – My son is 7 and he uses the robotic voice when asking for things in a sentence, or he mimic my voice. How do I help him with this? He has speech and language delay, uses a few sentences mostly single words.

38:55 – My 13 year old screams and says horrible things. We tell him to go to his room and he becomes hysterical, not in control, and he won’t go to his room. I have younger children, how can I make this stop?

46:00 – When my son is frustrated He cries very loud. We keep telling him to use his words to express his feelings. His speech is functional but not conversational. So We feel sad that our son cannot express what he feels frustrated instead of crying so loud. He is 6.

54:15 – How to increase one word Manding to 2 words as he gets frustrated and leave the motivation behind if we prompt him to say 2 words.