Temple Grandin Answers Viewer Questions – Episode 2

Taking Time with Temple, Shannon takes the opportunity to ask noted author, autism advocate, and professor Temple Grandin questions from the viewing audience.

01:17 What was the most difficult thing that you had to overcome in your teenage years and how did you overcome it?
02:12 What do autistic people pay attention to when they are communicating with other people?
03:44 My 5 year old gets agitated and thumps his head. What can I do to make him use his words?
06:37 Are you aware of any grants or funding for technology, like an iPad?
07:47 Is there a way to help our kids control their overstimulation?
09:44 What are your thoughts on yellow street signs to indicate neighborhoods with kids with autism?
11:24 What challenges did you face when learning to drive?
13:34 My 10 year old protests every task and wants to simply do nothing. What strategy do you suggest to motivate her?
15:48 What did you need from school that you did not get?
16:38 I wanted to ask about the part of the movie where your mom is using flash cards to teach ?cat?. Do you find that technique for teaching affective?
19:01 My daughter always puts up a fight when it comes to homework, even though she might know the answers. Why might this be happening?
22:39 My daughter is acting things out with her hands. She is verbal but has a hard time explaining emotions. Is she trying to tell us something?
24:00 My son is 10 and nonverbal, but is otherwise surpassing his other classmates. What can I do to help him start speaking?
25:15 How do you tell your child they are autistic? When did you know you had autism?
27:05 How old were you when you first knew the word autism?
28:52 How can I help my mostly independent son to meet a girl he can share his time with?
30:47 How do I help my kid develop friendships?
31:22 Is it true that all people with autism have trouble with word problems in math?
33:16 What would your mother say is the single most important thing she focused on when raising you?
33:58 Do you have strategies that you have found successful when working through emotional highs and lows?
34:55 How do you feel about prescription medication versus homeopathic for anxiety?
36:09 How do you express to people how your brain processes information?
38:32 How do I deal with my own anxiety when my child perseverates?
39:50 Do you have any ideas for how to better conserve Colorado water to be of better use for our crops?
40:39 Did you know Ms. Adelaide Patey, the Director of the Hampshire Country School?
41:08 What can we do early to get a child ready for job skills?
43:02 I have a friend who is unmotivated to do adult tasks and is allowed to obsess on his childish obsessions. Should he pushed more to mature?
44:39 My son is bored in school. Do you recommend home schooling?
45:13 Any advice you can give on teaching an autistic child how to ride a horse?
45:54 My son wants to be a civil engineer but struggles in math and I?m afraid this will hold him back. Do you have any advice?
47:33 Do you like music? Do you find it comforting? Is it beneficial to teach?
48:39 Do you remember what happened when you were finally able to speak? Was it the result of therapy or did you just wake up one morning and start talking?
50:40 Do you think art should be encouraged, even if our kids struggle with it?
51:28 Did you ever study Latin?

See Episode 1 Here: http://youtu.be/z4RCj7F-FI8

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