Temple Grandin Answers Viewer Questions

In our new segment, Taking Time with Temple, Shannon takes the opportunity to ask noted author, autism advocate, and professor Temple Grandin questions from the viewing audience.

00:18 What are your views on inclusion?
02:34 What are your thoughts on the rising numbers of autism diagnosis?
04:51 Do you feel you would still qualify for a diagnosis with the new DSM-V
05:28 What problems do you still face, being autistic?
06:30 What has helped you become the person you are today? Therapy? Social Therapy? What do you attribute your progress to?
10:12 What was it about spinning things that excited you to do it for an hour?
11:27 How were you on transitioning?
14:06 What role does faith and spirituality play in your life?
15:18 What advice do you have for a kid with sensory issues with noise?
18:35 What advice do you have when kids have difficulties with potty training?
20:10 What were your feelings about the Sandy Hook massacre?
24:13 What are your thoughts on the transition to adulthood?
25:55 What are your tricks for getting over fear of public speech?
27:35 How can one control involuntary movements?
29:00 What?s your experience with fragmented vision?
31:00 Do you narrate and describe scenes with ease to your friends who are blind? Does that help build trust?
32:05 Is it easy for you to have friends or is it something you still struggle with?
35:18 Where will you be speaking in the upcoming months?
38:16 How do we deal with the teen years and love interests?

See Episode 2 Here: http://youtu.be/GUoeIxo7w40

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