Temple Grandin Tuesday January 12, 2021

Temple Grandin Tuesday is back with our most recent interview with Dr. Temple Grandin! Dr. Grandin answered viewer questions and even gave us a few personal stories about her past!

Questions asked:
00:02:47 – Hardest part of the holiday
00:05:47 – Favorite book as a child
00:11:32 – How are you dealing with stress during covid?
00:13:37 – What do you do if you don’t know what to put on your schedule?
00:14:49 – How do I turn my child’s love for “Thomas the Train” into something that isn’t little kid stuff?
00:15:50 – What advice do you have for virtual school learning
00:19:18 – Non-Verbal Verbal
00:21:44 – Telling your Son they are on the Spectrum
00:24:52 – What kind of toys fascinated you imagination as a child?
00:27:48 – Did you like how you were portrayed in the movie “Temple Grandin”?
00:28:55 – Were you more discriminated against for being autistic or being a woman?
00:32:54 – anxiety, Medication, calming down
00:33:59 – Did you ever consider having children and did you babysit?
00:34:11 – I have a 4 year old daughter who is hyperlexic and autistic. She has struggled with pragmatic communication and is not potty trained yet. She loves to learn and finds interest in things above her age level. Should we continue to let her learn a variety of things or should we focus more on structured learning environments?
00:35:19 – 6 year old son obsessed with ceiling fans and car keys
00:37:23 – Should I reach out to the local college for a mentor to help my 19 year old son?
00:37:59 – Lining up Blocks
00:38:36 – What advice do you have for Educators to keep students engaged? And what are you doing with YOUR classes?
00:42:45 – What helped you to build conversation skills?
00:44:44 – What is your opinion on the RPM?


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