Temple Grandin Tuesday October 26, 2021

Our host Shannon Penrod discusses questions written in by viewers about attentions specific activities, job skills needed for individuals on the autism spectrum, dealing with bullies and much more with famous author, professor and autism advocate Dr. Temple Grandin!

3:41 What do you think is the recommendation for kids with ASD /ADHD to improve focus and attention or specific activities that will help, if not having meds as an option?

4:57 what are the best ways to teach job skills for people on the spectrum?

12:17 I have heard you say that you spun a metal ring on your bed and that you like to watch sand go through your fingers. What does that do for you? I want to understand why my son splashes water.

14:09 When you were in elementary, what were your challenges as a kid and how did you manage it, or how did the school help you?

15:46 How did you deal with bullies?

16:46 When you went to college did you have any accommodations, what kinds of accommodations do you make for your students, do you have students that are on the spectrum?

19:06 Which of your books should I read first? I am 22 and am autistic.

25:30 We are trying to teach my son the multiplication tables and I am not sure what to do. I had to memorize it as a kid, but that doesn’t seem to be working, how did you learn it, and do you have any suggestions?

27:07 Do you have sensitivity to clothing? Are there somethings you won’t wear? My son will only wear short pants and takes off his shoes whenever he can?

29:30 Did you watch Elon Musk and Bezos go into space; did you watch Shatner? What do you think? Do you want to go? Do you think they should be called astronauts for only going up for ten minutes?

32:36 When you visualize one of the buildings you design, do you see it from above first or can you see it from all angles at the same time? Can you describe your process? Your drawings are stunning.

34:22 You have said you have a visual brain are their other types of brains? I don’t think my son is visual and I want to understand him.

37:30 Who have you been most excited to meet in your life and if you could meet anyone, who would it be?

39:00 Our son is 7 and loves trains, what can we do with him now to help him be ready to have a job?

42:05 Is there a children’s book about Autism you recommend for us to read to our kids on the spectrum and their siblings?

43:56 How did you find out that you were on the spectrum and any advice on how to tell our 11-year-old daughter?

44:58 What does Temple love about teaching? How did she first begin to teach?

47:10 Do you have a best friend? What do you like to do with friends? How do you recommend we foster friendships for our 16-year-old? He likes cars.

49:36 This might be a strange question, but have you ever had someone doubt that you were on the spectrum? Our son has made so much progress that people often tell us that he must have been misdiagnosed but they have no idea how hard he worked. It’s frustrating.

50:58 I am neurodivergent and I hate when parents find out – they stare at me and watch everything I do – and they ask stupid questions like “Do I remember my childhood” I find it annoying. Do you every get annoyed when people ask you stupid questions? How do you deal with it?

52:20 I am concerned about high school students who have lost so much in Covid, as a college professor I am interested to know what you think we should be doing to get these kids caught up and ready for college or jobs.

55:45 How many books have you wrote?

56:55 Parents of children how are highly impacted are asking for there to be a new designation for their kids because Autism is such a big umbrella, what does Temple think of that?