Temple Grandin Tuesday Sensory Problems, Parenting, Inclusion and Much More

First on Temple Grandin Tuesday, Stefanie Schaeffer, host of The Future is Bright, sits down with Dr. Temple Grandin to talk about some of the hottest topics in Autism. After that, Shannon phone interviews Dr. Grandin in the Autism from the Live Studio and discusses the following questions! Don’t miss it!

0:57 How do we work on changing conversation away from preferred topics?

1:29 How do we overcome perfection

3:30 How can we overcome sensory issues?

5:09 Do you have any thoughts on dealing with death?

5:48 How did Oliver Sacks influence you?

7:08 The Future is Bright with Stefanie Schaeffer

7:30 What’s your advice for parents out there and what they can do with their kids today to help them.

10:16 “coddling Problem”

12:38 Parenting

14:39 Accountability

17:33 Employment for Autistic People and Driving

21:37 Advice for Adults with Autism

23:00 Are there things that you would recommend to employers that they can do to be more receptive?

25:03 Limiting Video Games

26:01 Exposing kids to different things

26:56 What were your views on Inclusion

29:13 What do you think about the recent statistics (2012) that at the rate that we are going, autism diagnosis have increased to 1 and 9.

31:30 Do you feel like you would still be considered Autistic based on the criteria in the DSM-5?

32:09 What problems do you still face being autistic?

33:09 What really has helped you to become the person that you are today? Was it therapy? Was it social therapy, what was the main reason that you had so much progress in your life?

36:50 What was it about the spinning of the metal bolt on your bed that you loved so much?

40:05 How Dr. Temple Grandin stays organized

40:45 What role does Faith and Spirituality play in your life?

41:20 Tips for Sensory problems to help desensitize

45:15 Potty Training – Is it common for kids with autism to not want to use the bathroom? why?

48:50 What were your feelings about the Sandy Hook massacre?

50:55 What are your thoughts on the transition to adulthood?

53:28 Did you have any problems doing your TedTalk? What are your tricks for getting over fear of public speech?

54:10 How can one control involuntary movements?

55:40 What’s your experience with fragmented vision?

57:38 Do you narrate and describe scenes with ease to your friends who are blind? Does that help build trust?

58:45 Is it easy for you to have friends or is it something you still struggle with?

59:45 Is there anything else that we should be focusing on with our teenagers? Where will you be speaking in the upcoming months?

1:04:59 How do we deal with the teen years and love interests?

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