Temple Grandin Tuesday – Strengths, Controversy, Anxiety, the Temple Grandin Movie and Much More

Dr. Temple Grandin, author and Autism advocate, talks with Shannon Penrod about Autism, anxiety and what is dividing the Autism community. Dr. Grandin is a notable authority on these subjects having been diagnosed with Autism herself at the age of 2. In 2010 HBO released an award winning film about her life. Then the episode where Dr. Temple Grandin (along with author Anita Lesko) joins us for our Autism Awareness Day Special answering LIVE questions from parents and sharing some fascinating personal stories about being a woman with Autism and the new book about her personal life that just hit shelves.

1:00 Figuring out what your child’s strengths are

2:55 Before 5th Grade it must have been hard for your mother probably wouldn’t have been able to see how great of a visual mind you have.

4:53 Were you able to be touched in some circumstances but not in others?

6:05 Sensory Overload

7:59 Anxiety and how parents can help their kids and teenagers especially dealing with anxiety?

10:12 My son is 24 and can be very violent, What can I do?

11:53 Explaining Death

14:16 The Negative connotation towards Autism

25:30 About Temple Grandin and the Book “Stories that I Tell My Friends”

27:13 What is the one thing that you found out about Temple that you didn’t know before?

28:35 The Interaction that Temple Grandin had with B.F. Skinner

33:55 What was it about the way that Dr. Temple Grandin helped others that impressed you?

35:18 Dr. Temple Grandin’s friend Mark

39:20 Dr. Temple Grandin’s Trip to NASA

40:48 How did you learn how to work and get a job and how did you learn to drive a car?

42:45 What is the best advice for caregivers?

43:58 Dr. Grandin, any advice for communication and socialization for my 20 year old autistic son who is verbal but only expresses his needs and wants?

45:15 I have Asperger’s and I love Wolves and wild life biology. Is this unhealthy?

46:25 Do you think having sensory issues counts as outbursts?

49:33 Do you have anything planned in Atlanta anytime soon?

49:59 Have you ever had the opportunity to met Steven Hawking?

51:56 Get The Book! Dr. Temple Grandin “Stories that I Tell My Friends”

54:17 What was it like for you as a woman being able to help other women in your field?

1:00:40 Why you should get the Book “Stories that I Tell My Friends”