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Welcome to “Autism Live”! Join us for a live-streamed episode titled “Three-Term Contingency & Autism” featuring special guests Angie Harrington and Tosha Rollins. In this episode, Shannon will provide a detailed explanation of how the three-term contingency can assist parents and caretakers in supporting children on the autism spectrum.

Discover the power of behavior analysis as Shannon unravels the intricacies of the three-term contingency. Learn how this concept can be applied to modify behavior and promote skill acquisition in children with autism. Gain practical insights and strategies that can empower parents and caretakers in their journey of supporting their loved ones.

Our special guests, Angie Harrington and Tosha Rollins, bring their expertise and perspectives to the conversation. Angie, an autism advocate and TV personality from Real Housewives Salt Lake City, and Tosha, an esteemed author specializing in autism-related topics, will share their valuable insights on the topic.

Stay up to date with the latest news in the autism community as we bring you the most recent advancements and developments. From therapies to research breakthroughs, we ensure you have access to the latest resources available for parents and caretakers of children with autism.

Don’t miss this engaging and informative episode of “Autism Live”! Join us as we delve into the three-term contingency and explore its practical applications for parents and caretakers. Gain valuable knowledge and tools that can make a significant difference in supporting children on the autism spectrum.

Mark your calendars and tune in to the live stream to benefit from Shannon’s expertise and the valuable perspectives of our special guests.

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