Turn Autism Around with Dr. Mary Barbera

The Autism Network Podcastathon Hour 16

Increase Talking, Decrease Tantrums, & Improve Self-Care Skills:
3 Action Steps for Parents and Professionals to Take Today!

During this hour, autism expert Dr. Mary Barbara shares her child-friendly, easy-to-implement strategies to increase language while decreasing problem behaviors and improving eating, sleeping, potty training, doctor/dentist/haircut appointments and more.

Dr. Mary Barbera “fell” into the autism world in 1999 when her first-born son, Lucas was diagnosed with autism. Since then, Mary transformed from a confused and overwhelmed parent and Registered Nurse to a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and best-selling author. After earning a PhD, Mary launched her first online course in early 2015 and later built additional courses and a membership program to help both parents and autism professionals.

Mary’s latest book Turn Autism Around, her online courses, weekly podcast and social media posts help parents and professionals start turning things around for toddlers showing early signs of autism and older children with an autism diagnosis who are struggling with talking, tantrums, eating, sleeping, potty training, and more.

For more information go to www. marybarbera.com