Unlocking Autism Jargon: Exploring “Chaining” | Special Guests Milo Nichols & Navah Paskowitz-Asner

Welcome to a captivating episode of Autism Live! Join us as we unravel the mysteries of autism jargon and dive into the concept of “chaining.” In this thought-provoking discussion, our expert panel, along with special guests Milo Nichols and Navah Paskowitz-Asner, share their insights, experiences, and valuable information on this essential topic. Stay up-to-date with the latest autism news as we bring you the most recent updates from the community. Plus, get ready for an exciting announcement about the upcoming “Camp Ed” and the highly-anticipated 11th Annual Ed Asner Poker Tournament! In this episode, our incredible guests, Milo Nichols and Navah Paskowitz-Asner, will join us to shed light on the transformative power of “Camp Ed” and the importance of enrichment programs for individuals with autism. They will also provide exclusive details about the upcoming 11th Annual Ed Asner Poker Tournament, a fantastic event that supports autism advocacy and brings together a community of compassion and care. Don’t miss out on this enlightening and inspiring episode! Join us as we explore “chaining,” dive into autism news, and get a glimpse into the incredible initiatives by Milo Nichols, Navah Paskowitz-Asner, and the entire Autism Live community. Tune in now and be part of this empowering conversation!


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