Yeast Issues, Anxiety, Potty Training

1:39 – What is the best treatment for recurrent yeast?
9:41 – How can I help my daughter with anxiety and coping?
13:58 – How can I get my son to wait for traffic?
35:50 – At what age can you give meds to an autistic sensory child?
37:50 – Potty training for a 5 year old with no desire to try.
42:05 – We can’t trust our child to stay with us.
50:07 – My child is 17 and the helmet he wears won’t stop him from hitting himself. He’ll take it off and engage in SIB. (self-injurious Behavior) sometimes he says head hurts and sometimes he doesn’t say anything, he can be laying down, or having fun and that’s when he starts or engages in self-injurious Behavior.