ADHD – RBT’s – Inclusion Programs

5:26 – My daughter will have these outbursts of aggression behaviors with attacking or scratching what could be the cause?

8:50 – Can CARD provide services in a school setting if the district will pay for it?

11:07 – My son is non verbal with Autism and ADHD diagnosis. No aggressive behaviors but he stims a lot ( especially his hands) and twists fingers a lot. How can I help him?

18:34 – Hi, I am a Skills user and a big fan of Dr. Granpeesheh. So excited to be able to ask question during live streaming. Hopefully, my question can get picked! 🙂 My boy is 20 years old with language ability around 4 years old. He is not very responsive to his environment in natural setting. When parents/therapists ask him questions such as “what are you watching?” “What time is it now”, etc. (he knows the answer) , he is able to answer properly most of the time in the natural setting. However, when his younger sister, aunt, uncles, neighbors friends of parents ask him these same questions, and rewards him later based on the number of the clicks. This didn’t result in significant change and he tends to click all over the places. Do you have good suggestions? We use Skills (Developing).

31:30 – Hello Dr. Doreen, I’m a father of 7 year old autistic boy who is coming from middle east as new immigrant to state. My son can speak a sentence of 3 or 4 words but in it possible to provide him with RBT who can speak Arabic in the autism center that he will be going? my son knows only arbic, and I’m afraid he might lose what he gained of language. Please advice

34:34 – What do you think about an inclusion program? I’ve been thinking about starting a nonprofit business. Start up a school where neuro typical kids can also attend with autistic kids

42:15 – Hi it’s DJ from South East Portland. I’m also a PSW (Personal Support Worker) for a 16 year old. His parents think I’d be a better teacher than school, they are pulling him out this fall. Any advice on teaching him to read? Should I teach him the alphabet or match words to preferred items?… Thank you.

45:00 – What can be done for a student who does not talk a lot in session? He can often sit with a blank look on his face even when presented with questions he knows the answer to. When we allow him to escape the behavior did not get more frequent and when we gave it attention it also did not change the rates. The only difference we see is over time. After several months with the same behavior technician he speaks more. Is there any way to increase his speaking behavior without waiting it out?

52:27 – some of us in the autism community believe in pharmaceuticals but not all.

55:39 – What are studies saying about the success of tele health. It has been super successful at home, but don’t how how to proceed for the fall. 7 yr old son and ABA, speech and ot all on line including his summer school and camp. We’ve learned so much about his therapy and his needs and we are seeing such gains, but worried he will say enough soon.

59:24 – Is it normal for a 6 year old autistic to only want French fries to eat? He will not eat home cooked food at home