Neurodevelopmental Pathway, Vocal Stimming, Tantrums and More

7:17 I’m (35f) in the process of going through the “early intervention neurodevelopmental pathway” with my 20 month old son. Basically, he’s been put on a diagnostic process due to strong indicators of autistic traits and a significant family history of autism in males of both mine and my husband’s immediate families. During this process, a few of the healthcare professionals involved have suggested that I explore a diagnosis for myself. This is something that has been suggested to me by non clinicians in the past, but it seems a little more validated now with everything that’s occurring. The thing is, I’m really not sure what benefit there would be to getting a diagnosis now at 35 years old. I’ve had many challenges in life (especially with people) but feel I’ve developed my coping strategies and adapted myself to the world accordingly. I’m not entirely thrilled with the idea of being “officially autistic” either, due to the preconceptions this comes with and the impact it might have on me professionally, as I’m in quite a senior role. Worst case scenario for me is that I become more valuable as a diversity quota than as an individual contributor. However, my husband is very keen that I explore a diagnosis as he feels it will help me to understand myself better and also when (/if) I need therapy again in the future then I can seek more tailored support. I guess it might help me be a better parent? Would that actually be the case? Has anyone had any significant benefits to getting a late diagnosis?

23:10 My partner thinks I’m faking my autism and always tells me I am being mean and rude literally every day all day and I try to explain that I’m not trying to. It’s just me and I am unintentionally monotone and blunt. He thinks I manipulated doctors into getting a diagnosis and that I didn’t start showing autistic traits until after the diagnosis… even though I got more comfortable being myself but whatever… what do I do? I’ve tried explaining everything and I’m reaching my breaking point. I want to feel loved and accepted and not like I’m being forced to change who I am. I’ve sent articles, we’ve had talks, I even started therapy….. he won’t accept me but I love him 🙁 will I ever find someone to accept me and not bully me? He makes fun of all of my special interests… how do you break up with someone? I don’t know what to do.

28:00 I have autism. I everyday I have been doing prayer with the lord to be a peace with my self / what I learn some people can’t no be fair with autism / some people can’t be wrong

30:47 Can Dr. Doreen share some ideas on how to teach my child talk about things other people did in the environment? He can only talk about what he did even though he did it with somebody else.

33:28 Free Skills Training – Parent Starting to Teach

36:38 My 2 year old brother with autism has 20 words and echoic control. How can I reduce his vocal stimming

40:10 My 10 year old son has such a difficult time paying attention to any class in school that he doesn’t have any interest in. Yet, when he is interested in something, he learns it to an extreme. How can I help him learn the subjects he isn’t interested in?

44:14 Please what is best to enable speech….pecs, makaton or Sonrise???

49:53 How can I stop my child 10 from watching weird videos like kids tantruming when I ask him he says I want to see how they react so I don’t do that but that’s exactly what he does.