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Hour 16 – Turn Autism Around with Dr. Mary Barbera

April 5, 2023  6am-7am PT Turn Autism Around with Dr. Mary Barbera  Increase Talking, Decrease Tantrums, & Improve Self-Care Skills:  3 Action Steps for Parents and Professionals to Take Today! During this hour, autism expert Dr. Mary Barbara shares her child-friendly, easy-to-implement strategies to increase language while decreasing problem behaviors and improving eating, sleeping, potty […]

Neurodevelopmental Pathway, Vocal Stimming, Tantrums and More

7:17 I’m (35f) in the process of going through the “early intervention neurodevelopmental pathway” with my 20 month old son. Basically, he’s been put on a diagnostic process due to strong indicators of autistic traits and a significant family history of autism in males of both mine and my husband’s immediate families. During this process, […]