Potty Training – ABA – Tantrums

10:23 – Help with a 6 year old daughter trying to potty train. We have tried everything. Not familiar with the Fox and Azrin method.

18:20 – What is CARD?

20:00 – My son ( 21 yrs) was diagnosed also Tourettess and when he plays video games he uses bad languages and he talks very loud ( we don’t use bad language ) and he seems not to be even aware of what he is saying. What do you recommend?

24:00 – Hi Shannon, I have a question for Dr. Doreen, Hope she will answer on today’s live Q and A. My son is 3 years old. He was diagnosed with Autism December of 2019, when he was two years and nine months. Started ABA in February My question to Dr. Doreen is, when do you know your ABA is working? I’m a desperate mom who wants my son to start communicating verbally. His ABA provider provides Natural Environment Training but not DTT. This really bugs me since day one. Is this the right choice for our son? We live in Texas.

38:45 – My son turns 5 on Friday and I have so many emotions about it! I’m running his ABA program at home with the guidance of his BCBA and he’s doing great! Since being home he’s more engaged and interacting more with us! He communicates using signs and a speech device but I am longing and praying for words! He gets so frustrated when we work on echoics.

46:50 – How to teach attributes to a 2 year old, for eg if I say give me red car he either listen red (give me any red thing) or car (give me car) What free training is offered by IBT this week?

50:52 – My son is 3 and he has the same problem. He has a tantrum when coloring and when toys don’t fit in a certain place.

56:59 – thank you both for what you do! i wrote to you in 2016 (from australia when my child was diagnosed, im a therapist now and im doing a master in ABA here. There is too much to learn, aba is relatively new in my city but it is getting well known within the autism community. I was wondering if you could help me: how could i approach telehealth with a child (9) who doesnt want to cooperate, swears and to everything i say he responds with: whatever”, i dont care what you say, i “make my own rules”, im your boss, etc, and keeps leaving, he only cares about nerfguns. Mum doesnt have support and stays with him 24/7 at the moment, she needs a rest so she is not keen on parent training for now. When we do face to face he hits me, screams, throws things. I havent done much telehealth training and im out of the sudden trying to do it, this client is the hardest, i want to help and learn, feel i dont have many tools. Many thanks!