Autism Network

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Hour 25 – The Autism Helper Podcast

April 5, 2023 3pm-4pm PT The Autism Helper Podcast Unlocking the Secrets of Executive Functions with Sasha Long, MA BCBA The secret to building learner independence, increasing engagement, and reducing negative behaviors is tied up in Executive Functioning Skills. These essential skills are key to academic success, following class and school rules, making and maintaining […]

Hour 28 – TACA

April 5, 2023  6pm – 7pm PT   TACA: The Autism Community in Action 1:36 From Support to Action to Hope   Come listen to Jessica DuLong and Rhyan Erb from The Autism Community in Action as they discuss the new autism prevalence numbers and it’s impact to drive action for families living with autism. From education […]

Hour 30 – Just Two Dads

April 5, 2023 8pm – 9pm PT Just Two Dads Financial Literacy for Special Needs Families Dads Shawn Francis and Brian Altounian discuss the  launch of their Men’s Group for men who are caregivers or partners to those with special needs & why such a group or space is important. Additionally the dads discuss why […]

Hour 31 – DaniMation with Dani Bowman

April 5, 2023  9pm – 10pm PT A Conversation with Dani Bowman Dani Bowman, as featured on the Netflix series “Love on the Spectrum US” Animation classes adapted to neurodiverse students Founder, CEO, and Artist Dani Bowman shares how and why she founded DaniMation as well as the mission of DaniMation to help people with […]

Hour 33 – The Driven Autism Dad

April 5, 11pm – Midnight  PT   Kyle Jetsel…The Driven Autism Dad  Each child is unique and each family is unique. Kyle will be sharing a flexible framework and recipe that any family can plug and start to lower stress and thrive in chaos.           Kyle Jetsel Kyle Jetsel (the Driven Autism […]