Autism Live – IEE & ITP Explained + the Founder of My Best Social Life, Jeremy Hamburgh

In this episode of Autism Live, our host Shannon discusses IEE & ITP for the jargon of the day! Afterwards she is joined by the founder of My Best Social Life, Jeremy Hamburgh to discuss social skills, and much more! Tune in and check it out! Recorded Live February 2, 2022

 8:29 Jargon of the Day – IEE

11:46 – IEE Actual Definition

12:15 – IEE Working Definition

16:45 Jargon of the Day – ITP

17:30 ITP Actual Definition

18:30 ITP Working Definition

24:55 Question of the Day – What is you area of strength

26:16 Topic of the week – the “you are here” mall map

29:17 Founder of “My Best Social Life,” Jeremy Hamburgh

30:45 about My Best Social Life

34:24 Why do you feel like it is the best time in the world to work on social skills?

40:40 What are some of the parameters for this service? Can this be done virtually or does it have to be locally?

42:54 What age groups do you work with?

47:12 Jeremy’s Program as far as homework modules and 1 to 1 mentorship.

55:50 Where you can find Jeremy Hamburgh’s free services

Training for parents:

Online community for parents:…

Training to singles:

Online community for singles on the spectrum:…

For more information about me visit:

59:03 Tomorrow on Autism Live

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